Nonnie Hood Parent Resource Center, Inc.

Nurturing Connections

Family Visitation

The goal of the family visitation program is to minimize stress placed on families when they find themselves in a situation requiring supervised visits. The family visitation staff is able to diffuse conflict, encourage positive parent-child interaction, provide informal parent education and positive role modeling as well as facilitate the growth of family relationships.

All visitations that are referred to take place at the PRC and do not have a case worker present throughout the entire visit are required to enroll in the Nurturing Connections Supervised Visitation Program.

Families interested in enrolling may drop in with court paperwork for an intake appointment on Wednesdays between 10am and 4pm or call during that time for more information. The following must be in place prior to the scheduling and beginning of visitation:

  • Updated court paperwork on file
  • Completed intake paperwork including determining the family’s fee based on the Nurturing Connection’s sliding fee scale as well as establishing a Parent Education Plan (to expedite this process you may fill out the intake form below and bring it with you to your intake appointment)
  • An intake meeting with both parties (separately) with the Nurturing Connections Coordinator
Please call the PRC and ask to speak with the Nurturing Connections Coordinator for more information.

Intake Form
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